Dan Shih for Washington State House

MunicipalLeagueSole recipient of the highest rating of “potential to be effective in office and ability to serve the community.” “[Dan Shih] has the disposition and talent to be a diligent, creative, workhorse lawmaker….”

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I’m running for state representative in the 43rd District because I want to help pass progressive legislation that makes people’s lives better and improves opportunities for everyone in Washington.

My goal is to get things done on the many important issues we are facing in the state legislature.  These issues fundamentally are about what kind of society and what kind of future we want.  For too long, we’ve watched our society drift in the direction of less opportunity for many people.  We need to reverse that.

As the son of immigrant parents who came here with nothing and struggled to provide a better life for their kids, I learned to take nothing for granted.  I saw the importance of opportunity and the government’s role in helping people reach their potential.

I believe government has a critical role to play as an equalizer of opportunity and must be relentless in fulfilling that role and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

With my husband and our daughters, who attend Seattle public schools

My husband Ted and I are raising three daughters.  I want their world to be one in which every child has access to a good education and every person can expect to be treated fairly.

As your representative, my top priorities will be fully funding public education and reforming our broken tax system.  My other priorities include making higher education more affordable, addressing Seattle’s housing crisis and homelessness, enhancing transit and transportation options, protecting the environment, addressing income inequality, protecting reproductive rights and civil rights, curbing gun violence, and improving our criminal justice system.

Please click on the tabs above to read more about my background and positions on some of the issues facing the legislature.

I hope I can count on your support!

Dan Shih